Thursday 21 November 2013

Monday 18 November 2013

Equality at United

 United Spokesman Arnie Schwarzenegger speaks:

"We have successfully completed the first phase of our ultimate plan for equality and football excellence as we move toward uniting the world watching us play this great sport. With the help from the likes of my friend Hemmit we empowered the blacks so that they can set the foundations as we build toward our black and white future. We now have a great squad with many talented African players. The kit at United has always been black and white as we know that one without the other is to extreme so we now advance into our second phase.

We have to now silence the likes of Hemmit as there truth is no longer our truth. This club will now embrace a united future in every sense of the word!"

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Injury List Rules

1) If you play an injured player you risk having your game replayed
2)Injury List will be updated every Monday
2.1)Only when a player has missed a game through injury can he be considered injured.
eg. Maradona is injured on Tuesday and is estimated to be back after two weeks. If Maradona's pep Manager has a fixture on Friday he can use him. Only when Maradona has missed his teams game in real life through injury can it be published.
Another example Maradona plays on Sunday and is injured during the game and the injury is two weeks. His teams next game is on Tuesday. Therefore he has not missed any game through injury and is not published on the injury list until the next week.
Final example Maradona has just returned to action in real life on a Wednesday. His Pep manager wants to use him on the Friday. However until the injury list is updated on the following Monday he will remain in illegible.
3)Only Injuries published on the blog are official and subject to the rules.