Friday 22 July 2016

Pro Evo People Goal Of The Season 2015/16 Award

Was won by David Silva of Genesis FC.
 17 votes came in from Twitter 53% of which voted for goal No 3. Congratulations Genesis!

Friday 1 July 2016

June Gate Fees

Redbull Rapid 

Redbull Rapid gate fee for this month is £ 3.19

Sweaty FC 

Sweaty FC gate fee for this month is £ 2.83

FC Alchemy United 

FC Alchemy United gate fee for this month is £ 2.47

Zebra Rovers FC

Zebra Rovers FC gate fee for this month is £ 1.62

Genesis FC

Genesis FC gate fee for this month is 86p

Honey Badgers FC 

Honey Badgers FC gate fee for this month is 62p

Stoic City

Stoic City gate fee for this month is £ 3.10

AFC Total Wanderers 

AFC Total Wanderers gate fee for this month is 58p

VFB Hezboa 

VFB Hezboa gate fee for this month is 75p


Clubs Twitter accounts must display the following YouTube link
 and also have the following statement...  (Official Twitter of PEP club __________ ) In order to be eligible for payment.

Stadium capacity can only be reviewed after 12 months.

The above data is based upon online popularity i.e YouTube views and Twitter following. Every month clubs will receive gate fee data and can claim any monies owed from the PEP bank. For more information check your email inbox

Pro Evo People Presidency

• The president is voted in each term by a PEP club member majority.

• Vice presidency is the role assumed each term by the newly elected presidents choice of president in the vote

• The roll of president is to ensure THE RULES ARE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER at all times without any exception.

THE PRESIDENT HAS THE FINAL SAY ON ALL MATTERS however when a suggestion is put forth to him he is obliged to present that suggestion to the PEP in the way he sees fit considering vote counts or the general consensus before reaching a final verdict.

Note: It is of paramount importance that the president is honourable, reasonable with sound judgment. It needs to be a man that is likely to put the enterprise before his own interests within the enterprise. It is a role for the man you deem trustworthy.

In the event the presidents own club is the subject of contention the vice president (chosen by the incumbent) is then to assume the role of president until the said issue is resolved.