Tuesday 30 December 2014

Urgent Urgent Urgent

Can all clubs please have the rules read ,signed with their full names, email address and phone numbers in the required sections of the rules page by 11pm Thursday. Not doing so will incur a £5 fine. 

Wednesday 24 December 2014



Subscribe to the youtube channel
Create a Pro Evo People Twitter account dedicated to YOUR club
Pay £10 entrance fee
Read & sign the rules 


Below are the new and revised Rules for the PEP League 2016/2017 Due to Start on October 16 2016

Can all club please read the below thoroughly.

1 Registration Fees, General season costs and finances

1.0. All Clubs are required to pay a subscription fee of £10 for their participation in the league. This money is non Tax deductible and all proceeds go direct to the PEP Bank. This subscription must be paid up within a month of the first official Game day of the PEP League Ie before 16 /10/2016

1.1. All Clubs must cover Wages for their players who are registered in their 1st team on the start date of the PEP league. Payment of the years wages will be broken up into winter spring and summer payments. Wages will be paid on the following dates of 2017. February last day of / May 31/ August 31. This money is non Tax deductible and all proceeds go direct to the PEP Bank. During the season sqauds may change therefor each payment date Managers must review their squads to see if more or less should be paid on the next payment date than was paid on the previous payment date.

1.2. Wages will be calculated from Player wages within PES “Master League” and shall be posted on the PEP blog/website for club referral. All clubs must calculate their own wages and have the amount for the whole year payable posted on the blog in the section provided. Click the link below for PEP wage bill calculation tutorial: https://youtu.be/b8wG5HNOSEk

1.3 All clubs are responsible for Adjusting their wage bill according to sqaud before each payment date. To be found not doing so correctly will incur a £4 fine

1.4. Clubs must pay Tax on all transfer dealings. There will be a set rate of £20 for clubs to pay over the whole season. Like wages tax will be payable on the last day of the same three months indicated. February May August. 

1.5. The PEP Bank will be available for loans to PEP members. These loans can vary in amount depending on the capacity of the PEP Bank to accomadate the amount reasonably. All loans will have a 6 month pay back period at an interest of %15 unless stipulated by the bank. Any defaulting loan I.e. A loan that hasn’t been paid within the 6 month period or the period stipulated by the bank will be charged at a %30 interest.  Loans defaulted past a 12 month period, or the period stipulated by the bank will result in players being repossessed by the PEP bank. Teams who continuously default on loans run the risk of loosing players to the cost of what they owe to the PEP bank. These players acquired by The PEP bank will be auction off for a price set by the PEP.

(Alternative means of punishment and payment can be agreed with PEP bank if the manager defaulting is forth coming with assistance)

1.6. The Bank reserves the right to refuse loans to whom ever it feels does not qualify 

1.7. A manager who is in default of payment and or owes the bank money for any other reason resulting in player reposession is barred from buying these players back themselves once the reposesession process has begun.

1.8. All clubs will be eligeble for Gate receipt payments however clubs Twitter accounts must display the following YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwG2XaK_DFyofNTh_3r8Ag
 and also have the following statement...  (Official Twitter of PEP club __________ ) In order to be eligible for payment.

Clubs gate fee will now be displayed as Token IE T10 where before it was displayed as £10. T10 is equivalent to £1 this rule is retrospective and will cover all gate payment prior and into the future
 The Maximum amount a club can recieve in Gate is £4 which is equivalent to T40 

The payments will be calculated from a combination of the clubs video views for their unique posted vids and their twitter followers. Refer to the emails you would have received regarding this to understand how the formula is calculated. The pep each month will calculate these and post the amount each club is owed on the pep twitter. Clubs must claim the months gate fee within 7 days of publication or the award is void. 

2 Rules and regulations

2.0. Clubs must sign into the blog at least once a week. To update and check teams and team news this is simply done and a simple edit of your team will show when you last logged on. If this rule is found to have not been observed by any club then a £4 penalty shall apply.

2.1 All clubs must Tweet a minumum of 5 tweets per week from their own official Pep handles. Retweeting counts 

2.1.2 All clubs must have the Official pep Emblem in their Banner on Twitter

2.1.3 All clubs must have the Pep youtube link in their description box of their official club Twitter page

2.1.4 All clubs must have the following in the description box of their official twitter page "Home to the official PEP club ( insert Club Name)

Note: contravention of any of the rules from 2.1-2.1.4 will result in a £2 fine

2.2. All clubs must complete team videos to a standard acceptable by the pep. These videos shall be placed on the pep YouTube. Clubs are also obliged to give video accounts of games throughout the season. Clubs must cover a minimum of 10 of their 18 games not doing so will result in loosing all season earnings

2.3.Clubs are allowed to loan players to each other at a cap of three players max for the season to any 1 team. The loan can be terminated at any point by the club in ownership of the player and any compensation is between the two parties involved and has nothing to do with the pep bank. 

2.5. A loan players wages are still the responsibility of the club in ownership of the player. Not the club receiving the loan unless agreed by otherwise by both clubs. 

2.6. In the case of both clubs agreeing that the loaned player wages are payed by the club in receipt of the loan, Pep bank must be informed in order to amend records other wise the payment of the player will revert to the responsibility of the team in ownership.

2.6.1 Going back on deals is now strictly prohibited. Once a deal is a greed by the clubs concerened, and tweeted by the clubs concerened with a #pepdeals following, then that deal is binding. If any club wishes to reverse a deal with a LEGITAMATE reason they must now go through the pep to find a course of action if any.

2.7. Editing the ability of any player within the Pes mainframe or database is strictly forbidden. This includes all statistics and player skill, abilities ,traits. Physical appearance. Ie Height ,weight, age etc.

2.8. Editing boots and general cosmetic change is also prohibited as this inhibits the accuracy of updates hence changing players stats

2.9. Positions changes within the mainframe are also forbidden but can be changed if a reasonable case for the change can be brought before the Pep. 

3.0. Clubs who are found to have players in their blogged team that they do not own or have sold more than 24hrs prior to the discovery of a duplicate will be liable for a £4 fine. 

3.1. If a club is found to have more than the allowed 32 players in their first team squad, they cannot sell a player to get back in order if caught. The players to the amount overuse must be released. the club in subordinate must also face a £4 fine. Clubs who are in breach of this rule twice or more will face a £10 fine and the loss of their MOST Valuable player according to Pes Master league (privy to any prior loans or Locking buy back clauses by parent clubs)

3.2. This year there will be player contracts. The contract will last from transfer window to trasnfer window. These contracts mean a player cannot be released outside of a transfer window. Players likewise cannot be signed free, bought, or exchanged outside of a transfer window. In the case of a free player being wanted by a club during a transfer window the club concerend must blog the free transfer and specify it will go through during the next transfer window. The player concerened cannot play for the club until the transfer window however. Clubs are welcome to blog them in their team but they must be aware this player will take up a place and will still not be eligable to play until the next window arrives.

3.3 This year the transfer window will stay open until the end of the 2nd week of games at which time it will close. It will open again at the mid point of games Ie week 8 for another 2 weeks. then close again until week 16 by which time it will remain open until the end of the season.

4.Game Day procedure and conduct

4.0. Fixtures for this Years League will be drawn before the league start by the Pep and posted online so everyone will be able to know what game they have week to week.

4.1. Fixtures only relate to the game day. The time and venue of the related fixture is on the home team (in the event of an online game) I.e the onus is on the home team to contact and provide the time and place for the opposition.

4.2.This year we will have specific Game weeks. The weeks will go from the start of form release day to the next new form release day. Pep teams can choose any day  between those said days to play their match.

4.3. Lateness for any given game day will not be tolerated. Anything at or over 10 minutes will be considered late and will carry a 50p fine. Any lateness of 15 minutes will carry a £2 fine. From 20 minutes and after it is a flat £5 fine. A club who is more Than 30 mins late will deem the match day void and be liable for a £10 fine

4.4. If a club has a reasonable excuse for lateness then the pep can take that into consideration. It must be stressed that this shall only apply if the pep are made aware of lateness before kick off times.

Any team found to be quiting a game purposely and as consent of the opposition will loose that game 3-0 and be fined £15

4.5. Injuries will now mirror real life league injuries. Therefore if your player is injured in real life, then they are ineligable to play for you during that injury period. there will be a 2 week lag for injuries to be effective from real life to the pep. I.E if player A is injured on the 1st december he will be able to turn out for his pep team until 14th december by which point his injury will kick in and last for the length of time he was injured for in real life. Any club fielding injured players will face a £4 fine for each injured player fielded and the player will be band for 3 games.

4.6. All clubs must post a screenshot of their game day 23 man squad to the pep twitter followed by #pepgameday before their game using the following site: http://pesgp.net/pes2017/
not doing so will result in a £4

4.7.There will be an Injury list section for teams to follow and keep abreast of. 

4.8. Any player who is on the injury list cannot take part in games. Any player found to be playing games when injured ie on the injured list will face a 3 game ban and the club will face a £4 fine. 

5 In game procedure and conduct

5.0. Any club who do not correctly display kits team emblems in game and or have teams in the wrong PEU number will incur a £10 fine. 

5.1. All games must Be recorded and uploaded to the Pep youtube a minimum of 24 hr after the game concerned by the home team in the fixture not doing so will result in a £4 fine also the game concerned will be void. This season games are not official results until the full match footage is posted by either side a minimum of 24hrs after the game has been played.

5.2. Home team gets to decide conditions of pitch, time of day, ball type, weather headset can be in use etc

5.3. A game can only be paused at a break in play for substitutions and tactical play

5.4. If the server is lagging Both teams must comunicate within reason and decide weather to abandon game or not. 

5.5.There's a potential issue with a man taking an early lead in a match lagging badly and refusing to admit to the lag. A referee can be used as there's an option to watch game online or player being offended can record conditions on mobile phone perhaps

5.6. If one team quits or cuts out while the game is playing, the decision of the computer is final.

5.7. Home clubs must contact their opponent at the begining of a game week (IE latest, the first day of the game week at 9pm) to decide what day that week their game will be played. if this is not done home match conditions revert to the away if they so choose team and a £4 fine will be metered out.Once agreed, that date and time of match must be posted on the blog in the space provided by the home team. Not doing so will result in a £4 fine. The away side must be reasonable in making them selves available during that week. The pep will have descretion to decide if a club is purposfully making it hard for the home team to organise their game. If it is decided that the home team is causing a hinderance to the creation of a fixture, the Pep then will use it's descretion for a fitting punishment which will range from £4 fines to a forfeited game depending on the seriousness of the situation.

5.8.This season Missed games will result in immediate forfeit by the team at fault unless they have already been given special dispensation by the pep and or both clubs have agreed to a later or earlier date. In the case both teams miss their game and the pep hasn't been informed, then both teams will receive a £4 fine and have to replay the game in the next game week with the same rules applying.

5.9. If a club misses a game but manages to agree with the team not at fault to replay then the home team status reverts to the team not at fault if they arent already.

5.9.1 Two legged matches must be played on different days of the game week. or in different game weeks (no more than a week apart.)  two legged matches cannot be completed on the same day

5.9.2 Match game times and dates will only be official once they are filled into the space provided on the fixtures list page

5.9.3 Pressing the "skip" button is not permitted beyond the match loading screen. Once teams have been selected ready for kick off, all scenes (player entrances from tunnel, substitutions, action replays of fouls, goals, missed chances etc) must be allowed to play out. Violation of this rule will result in a £4 fine

6 Administration and documentaion

6.0. Clubs must signify in all transfers as to where players have gone to and from. A set rate of tax will be charged for use of the transfer market. This rate will be set at £15 for the whole season, £5 being payable on the 1st day of February, May and august.

6.1. Not doing this will result in a £4 fine and continual non payment could result in ever increasing fines and or reposession. Increasing fines will be at the descretion of the master of coin.

6.2. All transfers must be posted on the twitter of the trading teams specifying where the players concerened have gone to and from and what it was in exchange of followed by #pepdeals. Not doing so will mean a void registration. Clubs must also Tweet their own deals. Any club not involved in a deal is prohibited from tweeting that deal. It must be done by the clubs concrened and must eminate from their Twitter handles in order to be valid.

6.3. All Clubs must be set thus as per playing staff.

6.4. All pep teams are allowed 25 squad players of any age and of any ability

6.5. They are then allowed a further 7 players in the squad that can only be U21 who can remain as an U21 till the age of 23 provided the player has remained at the club since they were 21. Players sold on or released then returned are ineligible for U21 if they over the original age. 

6.6. Clubs are allowed for the price of £20 to set up Academies. This section can house players up to the age of 23 years old. However; these players once place in an Academy are not part of your playing squad (32), whilst their wages must still be payed. Also these players are only elignle to be moved to the playing squad during the alloted transfer windows

6.7. Players already owned by a club but not in the game now take up a squad place

6.8. All team squads must be placed and up to date in the blog/website and must be displayed in this order to maintain uniformity and avoid confusion. a £4 fine will be meted out to any team not meeting this criterion. 

Goal keepers

Center backs

Full Backs

Central midfielders

Attacking midfielders



Under 21 (where Applicable)

Academy (where Applicable)

6.9. Please note that All Under 21 players and academy players must be marked as so, the same goes for academy players. Any players where the rules are not fully adhered to will be deemed "void registration"

7.0. 2nd strikers will be deemed strikers and therefore must be placed in the strikers section

7.1. Defensive and central midfielders must be in the "Central Midfielders" section

7.2. For The criterion of where to place players please refer to their stratin postion in Pes 2017

7.3. Any failure to adhere to this policy will result in a £4 fine and potentially a void registration

Note: Void registration: means a player incorrestly written down or entered postion wise on the blog will result in the team not owning the player until they do so correctly or the player concerned is aquired by the pep or 3rd party (READ 7.4)

7.4. All reasonable efforts must be put in to ensure players full and real names are entered into the blog to avoid any confusion. Therefore "D.Beckham" would not be acceptable. "David Beckham" would be the correct entry. Failure to do this correctly will result in a £2 for each name inaccurately entered and player names that are incorrectly entered to an extent of more than 50% may result in a void registration

7.5. Once a transfer is ratified between two trading teams, the transfer must be documented on twitter within 24hrs of the agreement with the following "#pepdeals" in the tweet. In turn the players concerned must be placed on the blog in the teams concerened correctly within 24 hours of agreement also. If this does not occur the player will be deemed unregistered and available for free transfer to any team alerted to the fact. 

7.6. Any player who is released from a club without trade or sale must still be documented on twitter  with the following "#pepdeals" in the tweet. Not doing so will incur a fine of £4

7.8.  In the case of repossession players are valued at Half the cost of their price on Pes master league at the start of a Pes master league season 1. Players from the club concrened will be up for auction and players will be sold off until the amount owed or estimated by the pep has been made up

7.9. The league Run continuosly for 2 rounds. Ie each team will play eachother 2 times over the year on the alloted game weeks

8.0. In the event a tie for 1st place between teams that cannot be split by points, goal difference, goals scored conceded or head to head. a play off will commence to decide the winner. This will be two legged and away goals will count.

Player Happiness
All clubs will be allocated a TOPA made up of the average of your players overalls
And a clubs size calculated by a clubs twitter followers, unique video views and onfield performance in competative games. Read below to understand the implications of this. And refer to emails sent prior to understand how it is calculated in detail.

TOPA (Team Overall Player Average) 
can not exceed your CS (Club Size),
if it does your player/s possessing the highest overall rating in the squad becomes unhappy. Once the said player is deemed unhappy he will put in a transfer request & refuse to play until the situation is resolved.

Resolution methods

1.Wage increase: 
Pay the player the wage he demands on PES Master League in pounds. If this demand is met the situation is resolved, the player returns to action & the players overall is no longer included in the said clubs TOPA however should you default or pay the said players demanded wage late he will then become the property of the bank and sold to the highest bidder.
2.Offer the player to the PEP bank:
 If a transfer fee is agreed the players overall is removed from the said clubs TOPA.
3.Offer the player to another manager:
If a deal is made the players overall is removed from the said clubs TOPA.
4. Increase your clubs Twitter following, YouTube view counts:
 or both until CS is equal to or exceeds TOPA. Using this method a club can keep the player in question for the whole season but can not use him whilst he's refusing to play. If the season concludes with TOPA still greater than the CS the said player will leave and be owned by the bank. Note that winning a title or finishing well in competitions also increases CS therefore it's possible it can be a deciding factor in the players mood upon the season completion.

Whilst a clubs TOPA exceeds its CS any bid made for a squad member who's overall exceeds the CS (club size) MUST be accepted so long as it a monetary offer matching the players Master League value (15 mil = £15). All bids must go through the PEP and are subject to other if any competing bids.The PEP bank gets half of the transfer fee & the selling club gets the other half. The bidding club must have a greater CS than it does TOPA in order to trigger the coveted players unhappiness.

Player Happiness will come into full force by Noveber 20 2016

Players who have overall ratings in excess of CS can be paid for simply by paying a quarter of their wage as a deposite then the remainder broken up into 3rds an paid on the same date as tax and wages as instalments. Please refer to payments dates.

All clubs please be aware that players in excess of CS must have their wages paid in full and also their general wage paid in the usual installments on top. IE they get double wages over the season


All clubs must sign and date by their name club, with, Twitter handel, PS4 ID  and email address below. This along with the registration fee will confirm their participation in the Pep league 2016/17

Member clubs (subject to change)

Zebra Rovers 
Mark Tieku 21/10/2016


Gerald Agyeman 20/10/16

Daniel Osafo-Badu 15/10/16

Redbull Rapid
Robert Agyeman 15/10/16

VFB Hezboah
Yemi Kusimo 26/10/16


Sweaty Fc
Leo Gordon 22/10/16


Gareth Cameron 24.10.16

Ryan Twum 25.10.16


Honey Badger Rangers
Jack Gyamfi-Badu 24/10/16
Ps4 - jackomortic
Twitter - @honeybadger_fc
InterYaNan FC
Daniel Medd 06/06/17
Twitter - medd_v
Ps4 - LulaBoy07

Monday 15 December 2014

Can everyone wait until the rules are up?

To keep thing organised and in one place it is best to have it in the rules page which will be up Monday night. One person making a decision that by 12 o clock etc etc is going to continue the disorganised mess of before and won't get any house in order. Also until the rules are up no team is under any rule to have 32 players. We are still on the only 42 squad system as before and until the rules say so it is so. When the RULES go up everyone read it and then get your house in order according to the rules the people have spent time making.