Saturday 28 February 2015

Can Genesis please

Go to the transfer page and Blog the players that were released from their team!!!!

And get their squad down to 32 because they are currently still over the limit or face further fines. 

If they do not do this by 12 noon Sunday ,the pep along with fining will choosethe  player to leave their team. 

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Players owned by the Pep Bank

Player.            Position.      Cost.
Jesus Navas.  Wing.   50% of game price

Every club with scholars must

Pay the a £10 fee associated by Friday the 27th or cease their scholars program. Anyone who has not payed by this date will forfeit the right to the scholars at their club. These players will revert to pep bank ownership. 

Friday 20 February 2015

Jesus Navas. Illegal transfer

The transfer of Jesus Navas was an illegal transfer and therefore Navas is now owned by The pep bank. Anyone who wants Navas must purchase him from the bank. Game rates apply

Can all clubs with scholars pay the 10 allocated fee?

Or face further fines

Genesis Must release 2 players and rangers must release 3 players or face further fines

They have over the allocated 32

Tuesday 10 February 2015

The cutoff for this round of tax will be tonight at 11pm

Any deals done after that time will be in the spring tax return

Entry fees and fines

Can All clubs please have their entry fees and fines paid into the account provided by tomorrow afternoon 4pm taxes will be due on Friday and wages will be due at a later date set out by the pep. Thank you

Thursday 5 February 2015

Pep Bank Loans

As some I you may or may not be aware. The Pep now as an operating bank open for loans to pep members.

This bank is secret, open to pep members only and must not be talked about outside of the pep. 

Like any bank members will be vetted and considered for the amount of Loan and duration of payback. There is a guide line of a 6 month payback period but this will be at the pep banks discretion as and when it see fit. 

The following Clubs have loans with the Pep bank

Fees,fines,taxes,and Wages

9th of Feburary is the date that all clubs must have their financial obligations to the Pep settled. 

Please read the following and act accordingly. 

It's that time where fee and fines and the like must come in. We didn't do this last year because the league was an abomination, but we did it the year before and it was successful and teams got their prize money. This year the prize money will be etter than ever but inorder to get it. You gotta pay in. So below are a break down of payments pending. 

1. Registration Fee
As documented in the rules signed and agreed by all members. A £10 entry fee must be paid up into the pep account. The details of this account will be texted to each pep member inorder to facilitate payment. This must be paid by 9th February as must all pep related bills. Not doing so will invite financial penalties or at worse repossession

2. Fines 
All clubs should he aware of the fines they have due as it is documented in the "Fees and fines" page. Whatever your total tallies up to on that page must be payed on February 9th along with any other commitments

3. Wages
Player wages must be payed on the same date. Each teams wages will be worked out by the clubs manager and posted on the blog before the pay date. All wages must be worked by the corresponding players starting wage on master league. 

All Deals that are not free transfers are taxed at a fixed rate of %20. For example if Rovers sell a player to united  for  £100 his tax on that deal is £20. In the same deal united received a player, so in that case united would have to pay tax amounting to %20 of the players value in master league taking into consideration pep proportionate monetary changes. Ie in the pep £1million = £1 pound in real terms. Therfore if the player united received was worth 20million in master league ,his tax would be £4. The same rule applies to swap deals and also to deals where cash and players have changed hands going the same way. Tax must be worked out for the player and the cash. 

Each team must work out their own tax and submit a tax return to the pep and subsequently deposited the cash into the pep bank by the 9th of February. 

Any club failing to do this and or any club lying on their tax return will be liable for fines and in extreme cases repossession.