Wednesday 31 August 2016

Player Happiness

S.A.O (Squad Average Overall

(e.g) 87+87+86 = 260 divided by 3  

= 86.6 therefore FC Alchemy SAO = 87

⚠️ S.A.O (Squad Average Overall)  
can not exceed your C.S (Club Size)

if it does the player in your squad possessing the highest overall rating will be deemed unhappy & as a result will put in a transfer request refusing to play for you until the situation is resolved.

Resolution methods

1.Negotiate new contract: 

Negotiate a new contract by paying a one-off #eFAsigningOnFees. The players stipulated annual wage in PES Master League is what the player will demand as a signing on fees to sign a new contract with your club, 3million = £3 (multiply by 2.2 to get #pepcedes cost). If this demand is met the situation is resolved & the player becomes available for #pepgameday 23 selection again whilst his overall is then removed from the said clubs SAO.

2.Offer the player to the PEP bank:

If a transfer fee is agreed & a deal is struck the said players overall is removed from the said clubs SAO.

3.Offer the player to another manager in the PEP: 

If a deal is struck the players overall is removed from the said clubs SAO.

4. Increase your club size (CS):

Improving either of the following will ultimately increase your club size (C.S)

1. (T.P) = team performances or team placement in eFA competitions
2. club popularity (gate receipts)  
3. internet speeds

Using this method a club can keep the player in question for the whole season but can not use him whilst he's refusing to play. If the season concludes with your SAO still greater than your C.S the said player will leave and be owned by the bank. 

👀 Note: 
you can also increase your C.S with owner investment

Whilst your clubs SAO (Squad average overall) exceeds your C.S (club size) any bid from another club for your player who's overall exceeds the C.S (club size) MUST be accepted provided it's a offer matching or exceeding the players Master League value (15 mil = £15). The eFA bank gets half of the transfer fee whilst you'll receive the other half. The bidding club must have a greater CS than it does SAO in order to bid triggering your players unhappiness.

Our official end of season date is always August 31st thus monthly gate fees is recorded until such time every season. We combine the recorded data from all seasons to calculate your T.P rating score and Gate fee average.