Sunday 10 December 2017

November Gate Fees

* PC2.2 = £1

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FC Alchemy United 

FC Alchemy United gate fee for this month is "PC" 1.48

Stoic City

Stoic City gate fee for this month is "PC" 2.50

Redbull Rapid 

Redbull Rapid gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.97

Sweaty FC 

Sweaty FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.99

Zebra Rovers

Zebra Rovers FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.99

Genesis FC

Genesis FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 1.26

AFC Total Wanderers 

AFC Total Wanderers gate fee for this month is "PC" -0.34

Honey Badgers FC 

Honey Badgers FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 1.26

VFB Hezboa 

VFB Hezboa gate fee for this month is "PC" -0.30

Interyanan FC

Interyanan FC gate fee this month is "PC" 0.80


Saturday 4 November 2017

October Gate Fees

* PC2.2 = £1

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FC Alchemy United 

FC Alchemy United gate fee for this month is "PC" 2.36

Stoic City

Stoic City gate fee for this month is "PC" 2.68

Redbull Rapid 

Redbull Rapid gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.97

Sweaty FC 

Sweaty FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.97

Zebra Rovers

Zebra Rovers FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.81

Genesis FC

Genesis FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 0.54

AFC Total Wanderers 

AFC Total Wanderers gate fee for this month is "PC" 2.45

Honey Badgers FC 

Honey Badgers FC gate fee for this month is "PC" 4.23

VFB Hezboa 

VFB Hezboa gate fee for this month is "PC" -1.09

Interyanan FC

Interyanan FC gate fee this month is "PC" 1.17


Sunday 22 October 2017

Tuesday 17 October 2017



Matchday 1

Clash of the big two from last season saw Stoic host Sweaty FC. Although early in the campaign it was always going to be very interesting to see how two of the more settled clubs were going to start the season. Stoic lined up with the usual protagonist Lionel Messi at the heart of the attack whilst Sweaty who usually press relentlessly wore their new tangerine strip.

Kevin De Bruyne was at the heart of the early exchanges showing both guile and execution cleverly linking with the raiding Portuguese full back Semedo on the Stoic right hand side. Messi almost opened the scoring with a snap shot inside the early exchanges. Stoic began to dominate possesion in with Immobile making his PEP return for Sweaty after a few seasons hiatus looked a brooding solitary figure, Isolated and powerless out numbered and facing the impervious Jerome Boateng. With  the homegrown Julian Wiegl initiatiang the attacks as the regista and Eriksen and De Bruyne coming into the half spaces early indications pointed in the diirection of a painful afternoon for Sweaty. Naingollans clever clipped ball saw Costa have a great chance breaking the line and running behind on Goal however Yann Sommers goal wasnt threated as the Brazilian born bullish strikers effort trickled harmlessly wide. Radja Naingollan was covering every blade of Grass and his effort from 20 yards out saw a ruotine save palmed away by Sommer for a corner. The pressure was building.

For all of Citys huffing and puffing they couldnt blow Sweatys house down on the counter Ramsey would often look to Inaki Williams as an outlet, Immobiles shot was deflected just after the 30th minute but you began to sense that Sweaty could be effective on the counter attack. Indeed a Sweaty corner not properly dealt with was recycled by Lallan whose cross was met by El Shaaraway. The italians header was decent and Donnaruma the Teenage Goalie making his debut was easily beaten at his near post. 1-0 Sweaty and very much against the run of play.

The momentum had switched Glik was looking Solid at the back, Ramsey was pressing well in midfield and was making progressive passes was this going to be just one of those days for Stioc City. Sweatys passing was often wasteful and such a wasteful pass was seized upon by the Stoic Defence on 45 minutes, decently constructed attack was half dealt with by the Sweaty defence only for a harmless effort from Naingollan to deflect on the post and then off Sommers back for the equaliser on the strioke of halftime. 1-1!

Halftime, on the balance of play well deserved but you sensed Sweaty were going to have to be more efficient on the counter and Stoic were going to create chances.

City came out fired up in the second half, a brilliant piece of combination play between Messi and Semedo saw the offensive full back clip a great ball in the area, Fox in the box Costa got across the face of the defender to guide in an adorable header 2-1 Stoic and Sweaty were up against it. Both teams were now pressing Lallana and Ramsey for Sweaty whose 2017/18 incarnation look alot more cohesive than last years team. Wiegl covering the back four of Stoic and Naingollan nipping in to intercept, tackle or just devour anyone foolish enough to want to play a game of football anywhere in a 1 mile radius of "That mohican"

Sweaty constantly looking to chuck the ball in behind the back four were getting the game at the frenzied tempo they thrive upon. Stoic were being lured into a basket ball game. Jordi Albas noble attempt to impersonate a Sweaty player was thwatrted as his racking long ball was dealt with by the on rushing Sommer. The pin ball was collected by Ramsey who done the trade mark Sweaty direct transition, Immobile was through and finished without hesitation. 2-2 and Stoic had let the game slip. Ramsey who had been excellent slipped a sumptuous pass to Immobile and how many times this season will we be saying that. 2-2, 68 mins, Game on!!

Sensing the battle was on Weigl who was substituted for Strootman. Perhaps Strootmans fighting spirit and tendency to press aggresivley were deemed more important than the elegance of Weigl whose influence had somewhat dwindled as the tempo of the game had changed. Lukaku was on for Messi with Stoic opting for two strikers and Rakitic was brought on but for Ramsey. Strootman and Naingollan in the midfield, Costa and Lukaku up front Stoic clearly want to impose their will on the opposition can they out Sweaty, Sweaty FC?

This could be anyones game now Immobile now linking with the on rushing midfielders looked a threat, Lukaku getting the ball in the channel only for a professional foul by Sokratis. Yellow Card, Free Kick! Sweaty's best attack of the game initiated by Rakatic saw E Sharraway connect with Immobile. Immobile missed the chance to put them back ahead! Criminal miss.

Stoic were getting back into rythem, Semedo was having a growing influence on proceedings. De Bruyne then clipped a pinpoint cross in the Area, Lukaku rose 3-2 and a goal of pure quality. When De Bruyne is afforded such space to pick a pass the outcome is inevitable, such is the quality of the player that he only needs a moment to unlock a defence and Sweaty didnt do too much wrong.

Stoic could taste blood and Lukaku looked unplayable nodding down the initial long ball. Spinning in behind, racing in on goal only to be thwarted by the Excellent Sommer who pulled of a double save. Sommer pulled of another save from Costa but it was not enough Stoic win 3-2.

Semedo and Naingollan were fantastic as was Immobile. Sweaty defended well but need more quality on the counter attack. Stoic started off well and ultimateley deserved the win. Whilst there was moment of brilliance it was not a convincing performance and the team lacked the attacking qualites we see year in year out. Messi performance was okay but poor from his standards whilst Naingollan done well but could a more creative number 8 helped connect with Messi, Eriksen and De Bruyne more? Nevertheless a very entertaining exchange and the cameo from Lukaku may lead to him starting future games as he looked unplayable.



Genesis lined up in a typical offensive 4-3-3 with two number 10's in Kroos and Silva. One of the most steady teams in the Pep had a consistant line up with Higuain at the spear head of the attack and De Gea in Goal. Rapid countered this formation with a more conservative 4-3-3 with Bakayoko, Veratti and Pjanic in the Engine room providing the base for Gaitan, Ronaldo and on form Harry Kane to lead the attack. At the back Manolas retained his place beside Vertonghen at the heart of the defence.

Both teams looked to impose their composed build up on the game in the early exchanges however a loose ball was pounced on in midfield by the tenacious, Destroyer Bakayoko. Bakayoko's pass was simple to Pjanic who had an acre of space behind the two advanced midfielders of Genesis, the Bosnian shot was solid yet unspectacular and De Gea parried wide however the alarming amount of room he had to operate in was a sign of things to come as the game developed. The resulting corner from Pjanic was pin point however captain Cristiano got underneath the ball only to head comfortable over. An encouraging start for Rapid.

Rapid operating with a frontline press forced De Gea into pumping the ball long however with Jan Vertonghen and Manolas at the back shielded by Bakayoko This route to goal was blocked and cleverly countered by Rapid. After a poor pass in Midfield by Genesis, Gaitan predictbly lifted the ball down the middle to Kane who's shot was just wide.

Neither team were able to really get going after Rapid had the better of the early exchanges. However the high press by Veratti and solid midfield of Rapid meant that they were able to get the better of the early exchanges. On 19 minutes Alex Sandro's clever interception broke down Genesis's attack which had started deep with Higuain. Sandros pass foung Cristiano on the left channel. Ronaldo came inside on his right foot and hit a wicked shot which hit the inside of De Gea's post. Genesis were running out of Ideas, De Gea's Distribution was poor and Higuain was drifting into channels to do the wingers work and dropping deep, the incoherent attacks were forcefully stopped by Rapids back line and the team appropriately dressed in efficient Black would counter swiftly if sometimes hurriedly.

Upon the 30 minute mark Genesis started to enjoy more possesion but in areas that didnt punish Rapid until Bellerins clever cut back found David Silva, who turned well in the box only to drag the shot wide. How many times have we seen Silva find success for Genesis in those type of areas in the PEP over the years. Unlucky! Rapid continued to look menacing with there measured and direct approach. Lloris's assured long pas for Ronaldo was headed down, the knock down was clipped in Behind the defence for Ronaldo to run onto to, only to be thwarted by De Gea... The Genesis goal was living on borrowed time and surely Rapid would punish such basic defensive errors soon.

A basic ball over the top was not dealt with, Kane running away from goal didnt pose an imminant threat however out of desperation captain Godin dived in to give away a cast iron Penalty. Pjanic stepped up and efficiently despatched 1-0! a well deserved lead on the stroke of Halftime.

The second half began as the first ended. Kanes runs were causing all kinds of Hysteria in the Genesis back line. Gaitan clipped a ball in the channel, kane took the defender wide then clipped in a measured cross. With Ronaldo on the left wing nothing clipped in with quality is getting past the first post and the Portuguese talisman rose like a salomon to direct his header in the opposite corner (Jardel eyebrow flick stylie) only for De Gea to save well. Sanchez returned the gesture to clip in a ball toward Gonzalo. The Argentine struck well but Lloris caught the ball easily. End to end stuff, both keepers palms warmed, Game on! Genesis were looking to get on the ball but they couldnt break the intensity of the Rapid high press. Genesis again lost the ball in the first third, in the build up stage of possesion. The ball was sucessfully transited to Kane who drove the ball home 2-0 and the better team were winning. Kroos was dily dalying on the ball and neither he or Silva has been able to get beyond Bakayoko and Verrati who were imposing their considerable will on the eb and flow of proceedings.

Rapid began to move with a rushed authority, like a boxer sensing his fellow contender is ready to hit the canvas quck wins in midfield were followed by manevolant long passes aimed at the either Kane or Ronaldo. Rapid could taste the blood! Huffs and puffs by Genesis were greated with Rapid trying to blow the house down on the counter but the lack of composure by Rapid made for a fast paced Basketball style period of the match that allowed Genesis the chance to potentially claw there way back into a game they had never been in. Genesis's best moment of the match came when a mazing run by Sanchez saw the barrell chested Chiliean blaze inside the rapid defence. His shot was well struck but well saved by Lloris. Surely Genesis have to get the ball out to Sanchez more often!

However today belonged to Kane who was setting, spinning, bouncing and looking like the perfect number 9. A couple of deft touches in the attack saw Gaitan combine with Kane, the English hero's touch was clinical once set in on the keeper. De Gea, Ed De Goey or Ed the duck it didnt matter who was in Goal by the time the keeper had set his feet Kane was wheeling his way toward the Rapid fan, one arm raised in appeal pleading his innocence in not being off side and half raised in elation for finishing the game and silencing any critical voices in the Pep press.

Genesis's manager made a few alterations however his futile attempts to change the game were surely too late now. Victor Moses came on for Kane with CR7 going central for Rapid. Moses joined the press as Rapid once again harrased Matuidi. The frenchman was once again held upside down by his ankles and shaken for his lunch money as Rapid constructed another deirect attack down the jugular of the Genesis defence. Ronaldo was parried by De Gea, De Gea saved the long range return from from Hector but was powerless to stop Ronaldo's follow up. Ronaldo wanted in on the glory and in typical fashion celebrated the meaningless goal as if it were the winner in the Pep final. This was now an absolute Decimation! 4-0 Game done and Rapid looking on Fire.


This game was always going to be won and lost in Midfield. With Matuidi, Silva and Kroos versus Bakayoko, Veratti and Pjanic on paper we could have favoured Genesis to get the better of this. However playing Silva and Kroos so high up as number 10's opposed to 8's and Matuidi isolated as the deepest playmaker, Rapid were able to aggresively press and out number whoever was on the ball and get Gaitan, Ronaldo and Kane front facing or in the channels. If Genesis had got Silva and kroos front facing and runinng off Bakayoko they could have caused all types of problems. Rapid finished well and the use of Kane was masterful. Always playing to Kanes upside and one touch passing and clever movement helped Rapid to demolish Genesis.

Man of the Match: Kane



Theres something about this rivalry so sacred and ancient it almost pre dates Religion and the dualistic battle of good and evil. In keeping with the Historical theme son of former Rovers legend Kasper Schmeichel lined up in goal for United and in age old tradition the Brazilian talisman was clothed in the cloth of Rovers, this teams incarnation Neymar yet to show the form exhibited in pre season. However the real key battle was going to be how Kondogbia and Paulinho can deal with stopping Modric supply the ammo for Neymar and Lewandowski.

Both teams started well with deliberate and measured attacks, Neymar recieving the ball on the half turn played a measured ball out wide to Alaba. The Austrian's cross was well placed for the fox of the Rovers box Lewandowski. His effort was somewhere between half decent and par and trickled harmlessly wide. Rovers pressed well and in the early stages where able to recover possession however Alchemy renowned for their defending, defended the key spaces well and never let the dangerous attackers get into the danger zones.

Schmeichel's distribution from Gk's where accurate and deliberate. Adopting a pattern of playing to the wide man, setting then spinning behind Alchemy where able to sucessfully go over the high press that Rovers adopted. Such a move saw a sumptuous pass played in behind to the on rushing Dries Mertens, Mertens finished on the volley with a clinical drive just inside the box. 14th minute, 1-0 and a great move from United.

Rovers adapted and made winning the first header a priority, Neymar now pressing the defenders and GK in possesion and Modric getting on and off the ball quicker than you can shout "man on".  Barzaglis win, Luka Modders one two with Neymar, into Lewandowski... back of the net! Left Foot, Right Foot, Header is there a better finisher in World Football? 1-1... Parity, #roversredemption

At this point it was becoming a tale of two men. Mertens and Neymar where becoming the cheif protagonists. Both scurring around, lurking between the lines looking to initiate mahem in the opposition half. Neymar broke down the left, blasting past the United defenders as if their presence was a mere annoyance and crossed on the outside with his left foot, Lewandowski's connection was true forcing a great save from Kasper. The game was heating up!

on 36 minutes Valencias pass to  Malcolm was an excellent one. The Brazilian got on the Wrong side of Alaba. His cross was then deflected in by Barzagli and United took the lead. Barzagli had been excellent up until that point. 2-1 United.

Rovers drove upfield and Vidal started to commit to the attack. A quick break away saw Draxler feed the ball into Aguero, after a quck exchange of Passes Aguero managed to find the back of the net. 3-1 Great move by United and Zebra with a mini mountain to climb. Agueros back flick in the build up to Draxler was delightful, Draxler wide to Kondogbia... perfect driven cross to Aguero and a great counter attacking goal. 

Second half and the game was settling down. Both teams more educated on the oppositions strengths and both teams poised for one last throw of the tactical dice. Neymar glided past two defenders and shot only for Ramos to do a goal saving block in the box. To the untrained eye it looked irrelevent however the level of defending from Ramos, Chiellini and Barzagli (own goal aside) was top, top draw *Harry Redknapp Voice*

64 Minutes Aguero 1 on 1 miss
65 Minutes Lewandowski drive sails just wide... Next goal is going to be crucial.

"If your names not down your not coming in" 
Georgio Chiellini
FC Alchemy V Zebra Rovers November 2017 AD... Said in the 72nd minute of the game as he crisply tackled the menacing Neymar for the umpteenth time.

"Not tonight... not with those shoes"
FC Alchemy V Zebra Rovers November 2017 AD... Said in the 73rd minute as after Sergio Aguero rounded the goalkeeper and Juanfran stayed on this feet intercepted and Barzagli then cleared the danger.

The game was now being played at a frenetic pace, the quality of both teams was now at the maximum which was making for an amazing spectacle. Rovers attacked, with deliberate patterns, Alchemy countered with game ending intentions.

However the game ended 3-1. United look a well balanced team this year. Kondogbia and Paulinho covered the spaces well and really gave a platform that Draxler, Mertens and Malcolm could play from. Every player performs the role well and Aguero's movement up front occupied all three rovers CB's. Modric's lack of movement and reluctance to get beyond the forwards made the Neymars job harder. Constatley surrounded by defenders he had alot of work to do however if the own goal never came at the time where Rovers where on the ascendency the game could have taken a different course. 3-1 United great game!

Saturday 14 October 2017



STOIC CITY :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
Own Goal:1
Romelu Lukaku: 1
Diego Costa:1
SWEATY FC :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
Stephan el Shaarawy: 1
Ciro Imobille: 2
FC ALCHEMY UNITED :                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

ZEBRA ROVERS :                           TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

GENISIS FC :                                 TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RB RAPID FC:                                TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   
Harry Kane: 1
VFB BOA :                                      TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RANGERS :                                    TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

AFC WANDERES FC :                     TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

INTERYANAN FC :                         TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    


STOIC CITY :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
Kevin De Bruyne: 1
Nelson Semedo: 1
SWEATY FC :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
Adam Lallana: 1
Aaron Ramsey: 1
FC ALCHEMY UNITED :                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

ZEBRA ROVERS :                           TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

GENISIS FC :                                 TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RB RAPID FC:                                TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

VFB BOA :                                      TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RANGERS :                                    TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

AFC WANDERES FC :                     TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

INTERYANAN FC :                         TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

                                                  Yellow Cards                                              

STOIC CITY :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
SWEATY FC :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  Sokratis P.:1
FC ALCHEMY UNITED :                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

ZEBRA ROVERS :                           TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

GENISIS FC :                                 TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RB RAPID FC:                                TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

VFB BOA :                                      TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RANGERS :                                    TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

AFC WANDERES FC :                     TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

INTERYANAN FC :                         TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

                                                  Red Cards                                              

STOIC CITY :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  
SWEATY FC :                                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                  

FC ALCHEMY UNITED :                  TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

ZEBRA ROVERS :                           TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

GENISIS FC :                                 TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RB RAPID FC:                                TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

VFB BOA :                                      TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

RANGERS :                                    TOTAL :                  PLAYER :                   

AFC WANDERES FC :                     TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    

INTERYANAN FC :                         TOTAL :                 PLAYER :                    












Thursday 12 October 2017


Week 1

........2........    ALCHEMY     v     VFB      ......2              Time ...10:00pm............   Date ...18/10/17

         3          STOIC      v     SWEATY           2               Time ...23:00...   Date ...15/10/17......

.........1....           RAPID      v     ZEBRA    ......0..........         Time ..6.30pm...   Date .18/10/17.

          1             WANDERES     v      INTER     1              Time  ....9:15....   Date ....18/10/17......

..................    RANGERS     v  GENESIS    ..................                Time .11pm .   Date ..24/10/17..

Week 2

        1            SWEATY       v   ALCHEMY     5                   Time ...11:30............ Date 21 oct.

.................          ZEBRA      v     VFB  .................                        Time ...............   Date ................

.................           INTER      v     STOIC    ..................                 Time .......10:15....   Date .................

........0.......      GENESIS     v     RAPID     .........4........                Time ...15:00...   Date 24.10.17

..................    RANGERS     v  WANDERES    ..................          Time ....22:00...  Date 1.11.17

Week 3

.................     ALCHEMY    v   ZEBRA     .................               Time ...............   Date ................

.........3........        SWEATY     v     INTER  .........3........                  Time ..10;00...........   Date Monday 30th October................

.................           VFB      v    GENESIS   ..................                 Time ...............   Date .................

..................      STOIC     v     RANGERS     ..................             Time ...21:30....   Date ...30/10/17....

.......2...........    RAPID    v  WANDERES    ......0............         Time .....18.00..   Date Wed 1st Nov......

Tuesday 10 October 2017

PEP League 2017 -2018 season RULES


Subscribe to the youtube channel
Create a Pro Evo People Twitter account dedicated to YOUR club
Pay £10 entrance fee
Read & sign the rules


Below are the new and revised Rules for the PEP League 2017/2018 Due to Start on October 12 2017

Can all clubs please read the below thoroughly.

1 Registration Fees, General season costs and finances

1.0. All Clubs are required to pay a subscription fee of £10 for their participation in the league. This money is non Tax deductible and all proceeds go direct to the PEP Bank. This subscription must be paid up within a month of the first official Game day of the PEP League Ie before 16 /10/2016

1.1. All Clubs must cover Wages for their players who are registered in their 1st team on the start date of the PEP league. Payment of the years wages will be broken up into winter spring and summer payments. Wages will be paid on the following dates of 2018. February last day of / May 31/ August 31. This money is non Tax deductible and all proceeds go direct to the PEP Bank. During the season squads may change therefor each payment date Managers must review their squads to see if more or less should be paid on the next payment date than was paid on the previous payment date.

1.2. Wages will be calculated from Player wages within PES “Master League” and shall be posted on the PEP blog/website for club referral. All clubs must calculate their own wages and have the amount for the whole year payable posted on the blog in the section provided. Click the link below for PEP wage bill calculation tutorial: 

1.2.1. Clubs will receive a Discount 0f %20 if they pay their wages in one lump sum instead of the 3 instalments 

1.3 All clubs are responsible for Adjusting their wage bill according to squad before each payment date. To be found not doing so correctly will incur a £4 fine

1.4. Clubs must pay Tax on all transfer dealings. There will be a set rate of £20 for clubs to pay over the whole season. Like wages tax will be payable on the last day of the same three months indicated. February May August. 

1.4.1. Teams will now bid Cedis for stadiums. Those that don't or can't get a stadium in relation to their club size

1.5. The PEP Bank will be available for loans to PEP members. These loans can vary in amount depending on the capacity of the PEP Bank to deliver the amount reasonably. All loans will have a 6 month pay back period at an interest of %15 unless stipulated by the bank. Any defaulting loan I.e. A loan that hasn’t been paid within the 6 month period or the period stipulated by the bank will be charged at a %30 interest.  Loans defaulted past a 12 month period, or the period stipulated by the bank will result in players being repossessed by the PEP bank. Teams who continuously default on loans run the risk of loosing players to the cost of what they owe to the PEP bank. These players acquired by The PEP bank will be auction off for a price set by the PEP.

(Alternative means of punishment and payment can be agreed with PEP bank if the manager defaulting is not forth coming with assistance)

1.5.1 The Pep Ballon D’or will be chosen by the committee.

1.6. The Bank reserves the right to refuse loans to whom ever it feels does not qualify 

1.6.1. The bank will not trade do any deals with clubs that are indebted to it.

1.6.2 Each time a club misses a game the penalty charge goes up by double the amount

1.7 A manager who is in default of payment and or owes the bank money for any other reason resulting in player repossession is barred from buying these players back themselves once the repossession process has begun.

1.7.1 Pep Cedis can increase club size (CS)  Jobs will be Banded A, B, C, & D. With A being the most important and most lucrative and D being the easiest and least Lucrative Jobs. The amount for each banding will be decided by the Pep committee and will be set for the whole season. there will be discretion for jobs that reside between banding. All decisions will be made by the committee with the president having final say. Please be aware that payment for job will only be received in full once the Pep committee declare the job has been carried out to a competent standard and all requests of each customer be it a club or the Pep have been met. If for some reason the Jobs are not done to the required standard and or the job has to be completed by another party other than the party original contracted to complete the job, the Pep reserve the right to withhold partial or full payment from the original contractor.

1.7.2 Teams that fail to qualify for cash reward will instead be paid in cedes for winnings instead of receiving nothing.

1.8 All clubs will be eligible for Gate receipt payments however clubs Twitter accounts must display the following YouTube link
 and also have the following statement...  (Official Twitter of PEP club __________ ) In order to be eligible for payment.

1.8.1 Upon creating your clubs twitter you must then subscribe to account notifications from the proevopeople account by clicking the bell cymbal then clicking on "All tweets". Clubs gate fee is now displayed as PEP Cedis IE PC10. This rule is retrospective and will cover all gate payment prior and into the future

The payments will be calculated from a combination of the clubs video views for their unique posted vids and their twitter followers. Refer to the emails you would have received regarding this to understand how the formula is calculated. The pep each month will calculate these and post the amount each club is owed on the pep twitter. 

2 Rules and regulations

2.0. Clubs must sign into the blog at least once a week. To update and check teams and team news this is simply done and a simple edit of your team will show when you last logged on. If this rule is found to have not been observed by any club then a £4 penalty shall apply.

2.1 All clubs must Tweet a minimum of 5 tweets per week from their own official Pep handles. Retweeting counts 

2.1.2 All clubs must have the Official pep Emblem in their Banner on Twitter

2.1.3 All clubs must have the Pep youtube link in their description box of their official club Twitter page

2.1.4 All clubs must have the following in the description box of their official twitter page "Home to the official PEP club ( insert Club Name)

2.1.5 Once a club announces they are leaving the pep. All money transaction for players are suspended for that club

2.1.6 If a club leaves the pep. All players sold for cash within 6 months of leaving must be refunded Once a player is sold with a publicised Buy back option they cannot be bought back by the club who inserted this option the same season. Any Buy back will be applicable for the next season. Once someone is sold with a buy back option they cannot be sold to another team apart from the team with the stated buy back clause which may be activated the next season. First refusal deal must be fully stipulated on the tweeted deal in order to be ratified.

2.1.7 IN THE Case of online games Both teams must use identical settings.

Note: contravention of any of the rules from 2.1-2.1.4 will result in a £2 fine

2.2. All clubs must complete team videos to a standard acceptable by the pep. These videos shall be placed on the pep YouTube. Clubs are also obliged to give video accounts of games throughout the season. Clubs must cover a minimum of 10 of their 18 games not doing so will result in loosing all season cash earnings. These videos must be uploaded before the end of the game week which ends every Wednesday. Not doing so will result in a £5 fine and will mean the view will not go towards the clubs total or their end of season minimum quota,

2.2.1 after matches home clubs must also take screen shots of all goal scorers assists and red and yellow cards of the game concerned.

2.3.Clubs are allowed to loan players to each other at a cap of three players max for the season to any 1 team. The loan can be terminated at any point by the club in ownership of the player and any compensation is between the two parties involved and has nothing to do with the pep bank. 

2.5. A loaned players wages are still the responsibility of the club in ownership of the player. Not the club receiving the loan unless agreed by otherwise by both clubs. 

2.6. In the case of both clubs agreeing that the loaned player wages are payed by the club in receipt of the loan, Pep bank must be informed in order to amend records other wise the payment of the player will revert to the responsibility of the team in ownership.

2.6.1 Going back on deals is now strictly prohibited. Once a deal is agreed by the clubs concerned, and tweeted by the clubs concerned with a #pepdeals following, then that deal is binding. If any club wishes to reverse a deal with a LEGITIMATE reason they must now go through the pep to find a course of action if any.

2.7. Editing the ability of any player within the Pes mainframe or database is strictly forbidden. This includes all statistics and player skill, abilities ,traits. Physical appearance. Ie Height ,weight, age etc.

2.8. Editing boots and general cosmetic change is also prohibited as this inhibits the accuracy of updates hence changing players stats

2.9. Positions changes within the mainframe are also forbidden but can be changed if a reasonable case for the change can be brought before the Pep. 

3.0. Clubs who are found to have players in their blogged team that they do not own or have sold more than 24hrs prior to the discovery of a duplicate will be liable for a £4 fine. 

3.1. If a club is found to have more than the allowed 32 players in their first team squad, they cannot sell a player to get back in order if caught. The players to the amount overuse must be released. the club in subordinate must also face a £4 fine. Clubs who are in breach of this rule twice or more will face a £10 fine and the loss of their MOST Valuable player according to PES Master league (privy to any prior loans or Locking buy back clauses by parent clubs)

3.2. This year there will be player contracts. The contract will last from transfer window to transfer window. These contracts mean a player cannot be released outside of a transfer window. Players likewise cannot be signed free, bought, or exchanged outside of a transfer window. In the case of a free player being wanted by a club during a transfer window the club concerned must tweet the free transfer and specify it will go through during the next transfer window. The player concerned cannot play for the club until the transfer window however. Clubs are welcome to blog them in their team but they must be aware this player will take up a place and will still not be eligeble to play until the next window arrives.

3.3 This year the transfer window will stay open until 12pm 11/10/17 at which time it will close. It will open again at the mid point of games Ie week 8 for another 2 weeks. then close again until week 16 by which time it will remain open until the end of the season.

4.Game Day procedure and conduct

4.0. Fixtures for this Years League will be drawn before the league start by the Pep and posted online so everyone will be able to know what game they have week to week.

4.1. Fixtures only relate to the game week. The time and date of the related fixture is on the home team I.e the onus is on the home team to contact and provide the time and place for the opposition.

4.1.5. All games must be 10 minute matches allowing only 3 substitutions per side. No extra time, no post 90 minute penalties.

4.2.This year we will have specific Game weeks. The weeks will go from the start of form release day to the next new form release day (Thursday to Wednesday). Pep teams can choose any day  between those said days to play their match.

4.3. Lateness for any given game day will not be tolerated. Anything at or over 10 minutes will be considered late and will carry a 50p fine. Any lateness of 15 minutes will carry a £2 fine. From 20 minutes and after it is a flat £5 fine. A club who is more Than 30 mins late will deem the match day void and be liable for a £10 fine

4.4. If a club has a reasonable excuse for lateness then the pep can take that into consideration. It must be stressed that this shall only apply if the pep are made aware of lateness before kick off times.

Any team found to be quitting a game purposely and without consent of the opposition will loose that game 3-0 and be fined £15

4.5. Yellow Cards in game will now be counted as thus. A player who amasses 4 yellow cards during the pep League season will have a 1 game ban. 8 yellow card will result in a 2 game ban.

2 yellow in 1 game resulting in a red will also give the player concerned a 1 game ban. A straight red card will result in a 3 game ban

4.6. All clubs must post a screenshot of their game day squad to the pep twitter followed by #pepgameday before their game. The following site can be used to do this:
not doing so will result in a £4

4.7.There will be an Injury and suspensions list section for teams to follow and keep abreast of. 

4.8. Any player who is on the injury list in BLACK cannot take part in games. Any player found to be playing games when injured ie on the injured list will face a 3 game ban and the club will face a £4 fine. 

5 In game procedure and conduct

5.0. Any club who do not correctly display kits team emblems in game and or have teams in the wrong PEU number will incur a £10 fine. all kits and emblems can be found here

Kits for the PEP 2017-2018 Season Download from here: Remember to put...

5.0.1. Bear in mind that certain Kit details Like Number position , and colour, Name colour and font etc will change from system to system. To encourage uniformity across all video can all clubs please fill in the extra details thats clubs need to do to complete their kits on their systems under their respective club name below. 

please include colour changes and font types and sizes where applicable











5.1. All games must Be recorded and uploaded to the Pep youtube a minimum of 24 hr after the game concerned by the home team in the fixture not doing so will result in a £10 fine also the game concerned will be void. THE FULL HIGHLIGHTS PACKAGE AT THE END OF THE GAME MUST ALSO BE RECORDED. CLUBS MUST ALSO PRODUCE A RECORDING OF MATCH STATS, PLAYER RATINGS,CARDS AND GOALSCORERS. This season games are not official results until the full match footage is posted by either side a minimum of 24hrs after the game has been played. ALL UPLOADS MUST BE SET ON “PRIVATE”  (£ POUND FINE FOR NOT DOING SO) THE PEP WILL DECIDE IF THE VIDEOIS MADE PUBLIC

5.1.2. Post Match interview videos not posted to YouTube within 24 hours of relating fixture do not count towards the minimum 10 vids needed to be eligible to collect cash winnings.

5.1.3  If another team uploads another teams footage the Uploading team gets the Views counted towards their Total

5.2. Home teams gets to decide conditions of pitch, time of day, weather a headset can be in use etc However Ball type must be a majority “White” colour ball

5.2.1 For Quality control Purposes. You are not permitted to upload live streams to the pep YouTube without the use of commentary through a microphone. Uploads that do not meet the required standard (set by the pep) will not count toward the teams views. 

5.3. ALL GAMES THIS SEASON MUST BE PLAYED ON 1 PASS SUPPORT. Anyone caught playing on a higher support will receive a fine of 100 Cedis or £30 plus they will have an immediate 3 point deduction in the league

5.4. If the server is lagging Both teams must communicate within reason and decide weather to abandon game or not. 

5.5.There's a potential issue with a man taking an early lead in a match lagging badly and refusing to admit to the lag. A referee can be used as there's an option to watch game online or player being offended can record conditions on mobile, shareplay etc

5.6. Managers must not disconnect after a game but instead should simply leave the loby room. Violation of this rule will be £10 penalty charge

5.7. Home clubs must contact their opponent at the beginning of a game week (IE latest, the first day of the game week at 9pm) to decide what day that week their game will be played. if this is not done home match conditions revert to the away if they so choose team and a £4 fine will be metered out.

Once agreed, that date and time of match must be posted on the blog in the spaces provided by the
home team. Not doing so will result in a £4 fine. 

If an away team remains uncontactable for the first 3 days of a game week, and the home team can prove they have used all avenues to contact the opposition. Then that away side will be dealt with a fine of 90 Cedis or £30 if the sufficient amount of Cedis are not available.

5.8.This season Missed games will result in immediate forfeit by the team at fault unless they have already been given special dispensation by the pep and or both clubs have agreed to a later or earlier date. In the case both teams miss their game and the pep hasn't been informed, then both teams will receive a £4 fine and have to replay the game in the next game week with the same rules applying.

5.9. If a club misses a game but manages to agree with the team not at fault to replay then the home team status reverts to the team not at fault if they arent already.

5.9.1 Two legged matches must be played on different days of the game week. or in different game weeks (no more than a week apart.)  two legged matches cannot be completed on the same day

5.9.2 Match game times and dates will only be official once they are filled into the space provided on the fixtures list page

5.9.3 Pressing the "skip" button is not permitted beyond the match loading screen. Once teams have been selected ready for kick off, all scenes (player entrances from tunnel, substitutions, action replays of fouls, goals, missed chances etc) must be allowed to play out. Violation of this rule will result in a £4 fine. IF NO TEAM OWNS UP TO THE SKIP OFFENSE BOTH CLUBS RECEIVE £2 FINE,./?

6 Administration and documentation



6.2. All transfers must be posted on the twitter of the trading teams specifying where the players concerned have gone to and from and what it was in exchange of followed by #pepdeals. Not doing so will mean a void registration. Clubs must also Tweet their own deals. Any club not involved in a
deal is prohibited from tweeting that deal. It must be done by the clubs concerned and must come from their Twitter handles in order to be valid.

6.3. All Clubs must be set thus as per playing staff.

6.4. All pep teams are allowed 32 squad players of any age and of any ability


6.6. Clubs are allowed for the price of £20 (or the equivalent sum in Cedis) to set up Academies. This section can house 6 players up to the age of 23 years old. However; these players once place in an Academy are not part of your playing squad (32), whilst their wages must still be payed. Also these players are only eligible to be moved to the playing squad during a transfer window.

6.7. Players already owned by a club but not in the game now take up a squad place

6.8. All team squads must be placed and up to date in the blog/website and must be displayed in this order to maintain uniformity and avoid confusion. a £4 fine will be meted out to any team not meeting this criterion. 

Goal keepers

Center backs

Full Backs

Central midfielders

Attacking midfielders



Academy (where Applicable)

6.8.1. Players with overall ratings higher than a club in pursuits club size (CS) will not sign for that club Unless the club is prepared to pay off the players FULL wages for the season immediately to complete the deal as well as paying their standard wages through out the season as usual.

6.9. Please note that “academy” players must be marked as so Any players where the rules are not fully adhered to will be deemed "void registration"

6.9.1 Incorrect spelling of player names in squad  result in £4 penalty charge

7.0. 2nd strikers will be deemed strikers and therefore must be placed in the strikers section

7.1. Defensive and central midfielders must be in the "Central Midfielders" section

7.2. For The criterion of where to place players please refer to their starting position in Pes 2017

7.3. Any failure to adhere to this policy will result in a £4 fine and potentially a void registration

Note: Void registration: means a player incorrectly written down or entered position wise on the blog will result in the team not owning the player until they do so correctly or the player concerned is bought by the pep or 3rd party (READ 7.4)

7.4. All reasonable efforts must be put in to ensure players full and real names are entered into the blog to avoid any confusion. Therefore "D.Beckham" would not be acceptable. "David Beckham" would be the correct entry. Failure to do this correctly will result in a £2 for each name inaccurately entered and player names that are incorrectly entered to an extent of more than 50% may result in a void registration

7.5. Once a transfer is ratified between two trading teams, the transfer must be documented on twitter within 24hrs of the agreement with the following "#pepdeals" in the tweet. In turn the players concerned must be placed on the blog in the teams concerned correctly within 24 hours of agreement also. If this does not occur the player will be deemed unregistered and available for free transfer to any team alerted to the fact. 

7.6. Any player who is released from a club without trade or sale must still be documented on twitter  with the following "#pepdeals" in the tweet. Not doing so will incur a fine of £4

7.8.  In the case of repossession players are valued at Half the cost of their price on Pes master league at the start of a Pes master league season 1. Players from the club concerned will be up for auction and players will be sold off until the amount owed or estimated by the pep has been made up

7.9. The league will Run continuously for 2 rounds. Ie each team will play each other 2 times over
the year on the alloted game weeks

8.0. In the event that theirs a tie for 1st place between teams that cannot be split by points, goal difference, goals scored conceded or head to head. a play off will commence to decide the winner. This will be two legged and away goals will count.

Player Happiness
All clubs will be allocated a TOPA made up of the average of your players overalls and a clubs size calculated by a clubs twitter followers, unique video views and on field performance in competitive games. 
Click here to understand the implications of this. And refer to emails sent prior to understand how it is calculated in detail.

All clubs must sign and date by their name club, with, Twitter handel, PS4 ID  and email address below. This along with the registration fee will confirm their participation in the Pep league 2016/17

Twitter: @stoiccityfc
PSN: cobinho

Twitter: @SweatyFC_PeP
PSN: Lego_man_90

Twitter: @FcAlchemy
PSN: peppro007
TOPA: 87

Twitter: @zebrarovers

Twitter: @Supergenesis87
PSN: Camero21 

Twitter: @redbullrapidfc

Twitter : @vfbhezboa
Osn yzawave



Twitter: @medd_v
PSN: LulaBoy07