Saturday 10 October 2015

Rangers Wooden Spoon

D. Welbeck leaves for City FC

J. Cuadrado leaves for AFC Wanderers

P. Cech leaves for Genius FC

Oscar leaves for AC Rovers

Fernandinho leaves for Genesis FC

Thursday 8 October 2015

2014/2015 Annual Wage Fees

Boa 89,000,000 City 119,000,000 Genesis 105,000,000 Genius 119,000,000 Rangers 79,000,000 Rovers 126,000,000 Wanderers 96,000,000

Note: This was calculated using Master League on PES 15 & the players you had registered at your club during the final competitive game of the PEP season.

Saturday 3 October 2015

Brief summer bash and overall league

The full league standing and summer bash standings will be posted mid week but here are the standings for clubs to view in brief so you can know what your earnings will be and also what you position of repossession right will be

Overall League standing

1.CITY            57 points
2.WANDERES 37 points
3.GENIUS       34 points
4.ROVERS      31 points
5.BOA            28 points
6.GENESIS     27 points
7.RANGERS   23 points

Summer bash standing in brief. 

1.CITY            27 points
2.ROVERS      21 points
3.GENIUS.     18 points
4.WANDERES17 points
5.BOA.          15 points
6.GENESIS.   10 points
7.RANGERS.   9 points

Prize money/ wages/Tax and repossession

Wages and Tax will be worked out over this weekend. This will I turn will enable the bank to calculate the exact amount of prize money each club will be eligible for. As intimated at the beginning of the season. Each Clive will be awarded prize money for their participation. This will be balanced however against te amount of tax or wages owed by each club. Reposession of the leagues bottom club will also commence on Wednesday of next week. More information to follow

Friday 2 October 2015

Jose Gaya makes history with Genius FC

Gaya is the first player in the history of the PEP to qualify as and be listed as a scholar and then be promoted to a senior squad member. Not only that but straight into the first 11 after only a year listed as a scholar!

We are a new club and already we are making history as we knew we would & we are looking forward to writing more history but as for now Well done Jose! Every year one of our prospects has made it to the seniors but this year we are proud to say Gaya has achieved something quite extraordinary with us promoted straight from the scholars. This is testament to the quality of the scouting that takes place at Genius & the hard work and quality of all our young players.