Tuesday 17 November 2015

Changes to Squad sizes and regulations

From today onwards there will be changes to the make up of all Pep squads. 

The Pep decided on this to increase the competitiveness of the league and also to encourage new entry into the pep now and beyond

The change will be as follows

All pep teams are allowed 25 squad players of any age and of any ability

They are then allowed a further 7 players in the squad that can only be U21 and under 82 overall

Second teams are now obselete 

players who are over 23 that you have no space for must be released as usual in the transfer activity page

Any players who were formally in your prospects and also are ineligible for the 7 youth U21s must be placed in the "club prospects archive" under you club name which should be In bold and underlined. 

Any players in the "Club archive page" can be purchased by any club for the amount they are in master league with the proceeds going directly to the owning club. Any buying team must tag their club name next to the player bought. 

Any player who are not in the game but already owned can also be placed in this page. Once the player concerened is in the game the owning club get first refusal of a free transfer. 

Clubs have from now till midnight Sunday to get their teams done. Thank you.