Sunday 24 January 2016


Firstly The pep would like to congratulate all clubs on a succesful inaugural Pes season, and also the winner Stoic City.

The Pep will endevour to make this second season even more succesful and entertaining than the last, and member can be sure that we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that administrative quality is held up on our side.

To that end, all clubs who ended the season in credit. Ie (clubs with more winnings than their fines, wages and tax) should expect their payments to hit their account provided this week. Congratulation to Stoic City, AFC Total Wanderers and Alchemy United for their season and for ending in credit therfore receiving payment for their season.

The remaining clubs all ended in deficit. Ie more payments than their winning and therefore will not be recieving any season winnings. Being in deficit means that these clubs owe the bank money for Fine, wages, tax or all of those combined.

As all clubs have been made aware. Fines or payments £10 or under must be payed in full and immediately. Fines over £10 can be payed in installments of £10 segments monthly.

To that end, it must be noted that all clubs are up to date and payed up on last seasons fines, taxes and wages apart from the clubs named

Genesis £40 / VFB Boa £48.

These clubs have been informed that payment of at least their first installment must be made by 25th January 9 am or punishment according to the rules of the blog will be administered.

These clubs have covered all payment from last season and their acompanying accounts are at a 0 balance

Alchemy United
Stoic City
Sweaty FC
AFC Total Wanderes
Zebra Rovers
Honey Badgers

Can I also alert the pep to the new facility available to all memebers. There will be an online account where each club can keep a tab of any payments owed to them or any payment they owe to the pep with acompanying credits and balances. This will enable you to keep track of your clubs finances and give transparency and accountability where the PEP is concerned.

Once all last seasons payments are sorted. this account will be up for everyone to view as and when they wish.

Can I inform all memebers of the pep to Read the rules to familiarise them selves with up and coming payments as to not get a shock when the pep comes calling.

And on last new facility.

Clubs will now be entitled to a payment taking into consideration each clubs online popularity/ activity etc. this payment is projected to be monthly but the exact implementation is still in the works. once it is up and running memebers can expect a payment from the pep monthly with regard to this or they are welcom to let it stack up keeping their account in credit.

We hope this is finds clubs well, and look forward to a new pep season online.

Saturday 16 January 2016

League Table

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Monday 11 January 2016

All time Pep Top scorers

Robert Lewandoski 13 (City)

Alvaro Morata 9 (City)
Antoine Greizman 9 (City)

Sergio Aguero 8 (Genesis)
Edison Cavani 8 (Total)


Cristiano Ronaldo 6 (Alchemy) 
Daniel Sturridge 6 (Total)
Marco Reus 6 (Genesis)
Neymar 6 (Zebra)
Jamie Vardy 6 (Rangers)
Lionel Messi 6 (City)

Luis Suarez 5 (Alchemy)
Theo Walcott 5 (Total)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 5 (Rapid)
Diego Costa 5 (Zebra)
Paulo Dybala 5 (Rapid)
Hulk 5 (Rangers)
Asamoah Gyan 4 (Alchemy) 
James Rodriguez 4 (Total) 
Juan Mata 3 (Genesis)
David Silva 3 (Genesis)
Arjen Robben 3 (Zebra)
Mohamed Salah 3 (Alchemy) 
Garath Bale 3 (Zebra)  
Roberto Firminho 3 (Total) 
Nicolas Gaitan 3 (sweaty) 
Oliver Giroud 3 (Zebra)  

Thomas Muller 2 (City)
Kevin De Bruyne 2 (City)  
Alexis Sanchez 2 (City) 
Sofian Feguli 2 (Boa) 
Biabiany 2 (Sweaty) 
Jesus Navas 2 (Sweaty) 
Nolito 2 (Zebra) 
Eden Hazard 2 (Total)
Gonzalo Higuain 2 (Zebra)

Mario Goetz 1 (Alchemy
Loic Remy 1 (Sweaty)
Leighton Baines 1 (Genesis)
Edin Dzeko
Dreis Mertens 1 (Boa)
Candreva 1 (Boa)
Philipe Coutinho 1(Boa)
Jose Callejon 1 (Boa)
Lukaz Podolski 1 (Boa)
Diego 1 (Boa)
Mario Balotelli 1 (Boa)
Gervinho 1 (Boa)
Carlos Bacca 1 (Honey Badgers)
Willian 1 (Genesis) 
Santo Cazorla 1(Genesis)
Daniele De Rossi 1(Genesis)
Carlo Tevez 1 (Honey Badgers)
Nigel De Jong 1 (Honey Badgers)
Yannick Bolasie 1 (Honey Badgers)
Thiago Alcantara 1 (City)
Raheem Sterling 1 (City)
Jordi Alba 1 (City)
Anthony Martial 1 (City)
Memphis Depay 1 (Total)
Matts Hummels 1 (Total)
Alexander Lacazzette 1 (Total)
Radamel Falcao 1(Sweaty)
Adrian Ramos 1 (Sweaty)
Claudio Marchisio 1(Rapid)
Koke 1(Zebra)
Marik Hamsik 1(Zebra)
Philip Lahm 1(Zebra)
Rabiot 1(Zebra)