Friday 30 January 2015

Just look at all these deals

It's as if Rovers threw meat into the crocodile pool and now  all the reptiles are feasting and fighting over the featering, old meat, twisting and turning, mixing mud fom the bottom of their putrid lake into the fluid they inhabit that could be loosely termed "water". Even teams who are notoriously shy of doing deal are taking their bite or at least once the bigger animals have had their fill. We at Rovers enjoy "setting the cat amongst the pigeons" so to speak, and watching the chaos ensue. We calmly and assuredly are building a team for the future and anyone who has no future in our club is old meat to us and will be fed to the crocs.

Thursday 29 January 2015



4- Balotelli, Costa, Gyan, Drogba
3- Lukaku, Neymar, Benzema 
2- James, Kagawa, Lewandowski, Palacio, Tevez, Wanyama
1. A.Ramos, Aguero, Bale, Boateng, Cerci, D.Silva, Di Maria, Fabregas, Griezmann, Hamsik, Lavezzi, Podolski, Ronaldo, Suarez, Young


Genius              3 - 0 Wanderes 

City                   2 - 0 Rangers

Rovers              2 - 3 Genesis
Neymar                      Aguero
Neymar                      Baines

Genesis             0 - 1 City

Rangers             3 - 1 United
Drogba                       Balotelli 

Wanderers          0 - 1 Boa

City                     4 - 1 Boa
Lukaku                        Lavezzi
Rovers                 0 - 2 Wanderes

Genesis               1 - 2 Rangers
Kagawa.                      Drogba

Rangers.              2 - 2 Rovers
Gyan                             Robben
Gyan                             Robben

Wanderers           2 - 0 City

Boa                      1 - 3 Genius
Podolski                        Balotelli 

Rovers.                0 - 1 Genius

Genesis.              1 - 3 Boa
David Silva                   Young

Rangers               3 - 3 Wanderers 
Wanyama                      Costa
A. Ramos                      Benzema 
Gyan                             Benzema 

Wanderers           3 - 0 Genesis

Boa.                     2 - 2 Rovers
Palacio.                        Ronaldo
Lavezzi.                        Neymar

Genius.                 0 - 2 City

Boa.                      1 - 3 Rangers
Boateng.                       Fabregas

Genius.                  0 - 1 Genesis
                                      Di Maria

City.                        3 - 0 Rovers

Jan Klaas Huntelaar VS Robert Lewandowski

Wednesday 28 January 2015


Very proud to say this was our last deal. Ahmed Musa very talented young Nigerian forward to Genesis for his Top Man shoes.

From here on we are only signing free transfers because we believe in every member of our squad and we are ready to focus on bringing the title home.

Cheers lads


Friday 16 January 2015

Scholar ruling

3) Clubs are allowed to have 5 Scholers marked with (S) on the blog amongst the prospects. These players are avaliable to other teams at there starting Master Leauge Value in Pounds. The buying club should blog a 48 hr transfer request which will be effective should the owning not make that player a prospect. Scholars cannot change status back at any time. Half the transfer fee of a scholar. Goes to Fifa bank (solidarity/ mandatory training compensation) half the fee goes to the selling club. Scholars must be under 19 with a maximum overall of 78. Any club having a these type of players must pay a mandatory surcharge of £10

Sunday 11 January 2015

Can Boa and Genesis Please

Again can boa and genesis please adjust their teams in accordance with the rules or face further fines. Because their teams are STILL NOT CORRECTLY LAYED OUT AS SER OUT IN THE RULES!!!!!! It's not that hard. Get it right or face more penalties


Thursday 8 January 2015

League season fees

All clubs be aware the their £10 fee for the league season must be in by 9th February. Not doing so will incur a £2 fine

Player wages and tax will also be calculated and in for 20th February. 

Tax cut off date will be 31st January

Thank you. 

Monday 5 January 2015

Fees and fines

£2 for having a player over the 32 limit
£2 for having Ballotelli in the wrong section (in midfielders rather than strikers)
£2 for having phil Jones in the wrong section(wingers)
£2 for having Gervinho in the wrong section (attacking midfield) rather than wingers
£2 for Duplication (Felipe Anderson)
£2 for not having squad set out as detailed in the rules
£2 for not signing in for more than a week
£5 for continually having the wrong layout in the teams section
£2 for having overage players in the prospects section
£2 for blogging multipul deals under one post in transfers
£8 for not indicated weather transfers were free on sales
£2 for blogging a duplicate. Bernard who is already at rovers
£2 for using phone during game time
£2 for having Muriel in prospects at the age of 24
£2 for having Hernanes at center back  back
£2 for have in signe at right back
£2 for consistent and suspicious spelling mistakes if player names
£2 for having Roberto Firmino in his prospects
£2 for having Bounakar in his team without blogging the transfer
£2 for transferring brander vary without blogging transfer
Total £47

£2 for not signing in for more than a week
£2 for not signing in for more than a week
£2 for not signing in for more than a week
£2 for not signing in for more than a week
£2 for phone not being switched off during game time
£4 for not indicating if the signing of Lucas Anderson and Aubamuyang are free or trade
Total £14

£2 for having 34 players
£2 for having a duplicate
£4 for having 36 players
£2 for block blogging released players
Total £10

£2 for having a duplicate
£2 for walking in during game time
£2 for inputting extra information in the transfer page
Total £6

£2 for blogging multipul deals under one header in transfer section
£2 for not indicating the release of pastore
£4 for not indicating weather the transfers of crisito and hart were free or deals
£2 for indicating if the transfer of Koulibaly was free or a trade
Total £10

£2 for trading koke for Ross Barkley but not indicating the club trading with
£2 for signing Fraser Forster without indicating if the deal was free or a trade
£2 for signing Flanagan without indicating if the deal was free or a trade
Total £6

£2 for not signifying if Dede deal was free or trade
£2 for not signifying if Valbuena deal was free or trade. 
£2 for having a duplicate joe Hart (at rovers)
£2 for havin over the allowed limit of squad player